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I saw on Instagram that Dramafever is having a new web drama called "Click Your Heart" in which you get to choose your own ending!! Ahhhh finally! A drama in which we get to choose how we want it to ends! I'm not sure how it will work but I hope it'll be good! The web drama stars AOA's Min Ah and members of a rookie boy group Neoz. Which are Baek Ju Ho, Kim Ro Woon, Kang Cha Ni, and Lee Da Won. The first episode just aired on their website, go check it out! ^__^
Honestly, I am a very indecisive person so I don't know how I will choose. XD What do you guys think of his new drama? Any idea of who you will choose?
@BritneyS @petname83 If the vote is just done during their live chat, I'll probably never get to vote ... so I hope other people make good decisions. I think I will watch it anyway though, because I like the cast (the men are some cuties!) and the premise of the story was cute (What? Jinx girl?) Lol!
Ahh I watched the first epsiode and I like it too! but I already am not sure which story to choose I'm very indecisive. T_T @JamiMilsap
I'll give it a go :) I love love 馃槉
hmm....I'm not sure about the voting thing. I think that's just for people attending their live chat on facebook @petname83
I just watched the preview episode too -I liked it! You have to "like" dramafever on facebook in order to vote, so we'll see how that turns out (I barely pay attention to my facebook account anymore, because I'm always on Vingle - lol)
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