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What a gift, Reese Witherspoon...uhhh

Chelsea Handler is known for her off the cuff comedy but like Kim Kardashian, there's no reason she can't show off what she's got. In her latest Instagram picture, Handler is baring all while wishing her dear friend Reese Witherspoon a happy birthday. Cheeky huh? This isn't the first nude photo taken by Handler who always posts with a slight sense of surprise. This one could be her most provocative yet. When asked on the Ellen Show as to why she's so okay with nudity, Handler said below:
"I like to be naked because I don’t take my body seriously," she said. ‘People do, and that’s nice for them, but I think bodies are so silly."
Reese Witherspoon has yet to comment on the picture but I'm sure she was in for quite the surprise when this popped up on her phone. All we know is that Handler is loving her body and doesn't really care who sees it. I guess there's more than Witherspoon's birthday for Handler to celebrate: body positivity. Unsurprisingly though, her picture got far less press than reality star Kim Kardashian who posted a similar photo a few weeks ago. Again, Handler doesn't care.

What do you think of the picture?

Ughhh, Chelsea Handler is so attention thirsty. Her and Amy Schumer are so obnoxious to me.
@LAVONYORK @cfangiayala It would be SUPER POPULAR because everything that doesn't make sense and is super annoying becomes popular lol.
She did the exact same thing during kims break the internet thing.
@danidee like the Kardashian
@petname83 I don't think anyone is suppose to get it. She is just looking for attention in the WRONG places lol smh
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