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So cute JB always makes me smile. Enjoy!
"Come on Y/N faster! you're to slow!" Your instructor called out. For the past hour the instructor has done nothing, but call you out on your "mistakes". If anything you group mates were a lot slower and to boot weren't even trying to do it right. After another 2 hours of yelling you sighed in relief ready to go back to the dorms and crash.
"Y/N, unlike the others you need improvement stay and practice." You instructor order following everyone else out the door. You bit your lip in frustration and set to work. Turning on the stereo you play some music and started your old regiment, when you used to be in a major dance crew. It was your goal to be a dancer, now you were a dancer as well as a rapper.
Your group had a few more days before debut, but you feared it wasn't going to go well. It was supposed to be GOT7 sister group a very big deal for JYP. Your specialty in the group was b-boying. You had learned at a very young age. You loved to street dance, but your parent's prefer ballet. You even formed a dance crew and won South Korea's R-16 championship.
You tried your hardest to fit your parent's form of a perfect daughter. Everyday you tried and only saw the burden and disappointment in their eyes. You even ran away from home to Seoul, living on the street. That when you found your savior someone you grew very close too. It was as if you were attached together, none other than Bang Youngguk of B.A.P. He was like an older brother caring for your every need. You never had an older brother or even someone to care for you. It treated you kindly and gently he acted as if you were fragile like very delicate glass. You remember the first time you met Yongguk.
Your feet carried you as fast as they can dipping and dodging in between people. You were in a hurry as the loud voices became closer shouting out at you. Taking a sharp turn you crashed into a wall, that was shocking alive and moving. You tumbled onto the person as they wrap their arms around you to protect you. Gazing into their eyes you quickly untangle yourself from the stranger as you profusely apologize in your broken Korean, your pretty sure they didn't understand a thing you were saying. He wore a grey cap that covered his face as well as a black leather jacket.
"Ah Y/N where do you think you are going?" A voice echo from where you stood as you coward in fear. Backing up into someone you jumped away panic filling you.
You notice that there was five more people that was with the stranger. All of them wore masks instead of a cap. Before you could run the man chasing you held your bicep yanking you towards him. You glance up at the group as you try to pull away from your abuser. The grip on your arm got tighter as you yelped out in pain, tears streaming down your face. The tallest one of the group tried to take a step forward but was block by the man with a cap .
"Let her go!" He called out stepping forward his fist were balled up and he was slightly shaking. The man just laugh and kept on with his taunting, though all of sudden he was knocked unconscious. You leaped away from the movement falling onto the ground looking up at the man in fear.
He carefully glanced at you and slowly bent down to eye level. You froze like a deer caught in headlights observing his movement. "It's okay," He said softly "you're safe." he gently gather you into his arms. He carried you in silence as he and the others made way to a place that seemed like a dorm.
Pilling into the large place, the man with the cap gently placed you on the sofa and you gazed around frighten. "My name is Yonnguk."
Becoming so intense with your dancing you missed a step and twisted your ankle. Collapsing on the floor you sighed and careful move your left ankle. You gently undid the shoelaces and pulled the sneaker off, examining the damage. Tear of frustration pricked at the corner of your eyes as you tried to steady your breathing.
That’s when you start talking angry and upset in your native tongue for nobody to understand you. Finally you crack and sobbed in the middle of the studio at night, though you were not alone. Suddenly the door busted open and in came a panicked JB. He rushed towards you kneeling beside you he had brought a med kit.
"JB sunbae what are you doing here?" you asked concerned for his health. Most idols do not get a lot of sleep plus his group debut was coming up too.
"You're hurt!" He exclaimed pulling out items for you ankle. Surprised by his actions you let him lift you injured ankle closer to him. Your eyes carefully taking in all of his actions, it was often that someone cared.
"You should not push yourself Y/N!" JB scolded you giving a very lengthy lecture. You kept your head down casted feeling ashamed of yourself.
"JB sunbae" You asked which stopped his rambling and waited for you to continue. "Am I failure?" Glancing up at JB, tears slowly ran down your cheek on top of the dried ones. He watched in silence as you sobbed all over again. Turning his attention back towards your ankle he finish the job and carefully set it away from himself.
"No, you are not. Everyone has their ups and downs, do not let a small mistake define you." He gave you encouragement as he scouted closer to wrap an arm around you.
"Why are you here so late?" You asked curiously everyone else left hours earlier all except for him. Gazing up at him you noticed that his cheeks were pink and he started to stutter.
I...I was... um prac... practicing dancing!" He blurted out suddenly as if he was caught. You let out a loud laugh as it flowed through the room. He cracked a small smile while fiddling with his fingers. Reaching up you brush his hair black hair out of his eyes. When he abruptly snatched your wrist causing you to jump in surprise. He interlocked your finger with his staring right in your eyes as you avoided his gaze.
"I care about you Y/N. You need to take better care of yourself." JB stated softly rubbing his thumb on the back of your hand. Unlocking your fingers you gently held his face and placed a kiss on his lips. He was stunned and didn't dare move a muscle.
"Thank you, oppa." You whispered as you pulled away becoming shy and tried to quickly get up.
"Hey, stop you're going to hurt yourself!" He yelled out grabbing your hand the cease your movement. But only three simple words had stopped you.
"I like you!" JB called out quickly "I come here every night to see you dance. I come to take in your hard work. I come to see your beauty."
"Oppa." You answered softly but he kept on.
"I always walk to same way as you do so we can talk even, though my studio is on the other side of the building. I notice how you like your coffee with little sugar but a lot of creamer. I notice how your right eye crinkles a bit when you smile. I see the slight dimples you have when you smile and say good morning to me!" JB continue to ramble on surprising you of how much he knows and observes you.
Thinking fast you hurried towards him and press you lips tightly against his. As he wrapped his arms around your waist to keep pressure off your ankle. He sighed against you breaking the kiss and just he held you tenderly in his arms absorbed in the moment. A large smile on his face we he heard those four words.
"I like you too"