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As a natural spanish speaker, and kpop fan, I'm always on the lookout for spanish covers of my favorite idols. By a long shot, this is my favorite.
For those who D.O. not know what I speak of, take a listen for yourself. All puns intended xD
Do you have any favorite covers in spanish by your favorite idols? If you do, make a card! Show it to the world! If you are going to make one, tag me in it so I can see it too. Community sharing time! Love each and every one of you! Stay strong!
I must admit I wasn't very much sold on the whole kpop scene until I saw this video. the way they took the song seriously and sang it so beautifully made me fall in love with kpop, EXO and Chanyeol
Omg the feels!!! ❀😭
@obiterdictum That's what communities are for. We explain things to each other. But You Are Welcome!
@CristalTrujillo wow perhaps if I knew this beforehand I'd be drooling over his voice and lost in thought with the meaning of the song instead of just repeating the word of 'sabor ami' whenever I play this song. πŸ˜‚ thank you so much for the explanation.. 😊☺☺
Sabor Ami~~ Up till today I still don't know the meaning of sabor ami but gahh. It used to be like a phenomenon song among my fellow EXOLs friends. We'd sung 'saboor amii' till eventually we've grown out of the song. 😊😊😁😁
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