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As can be inferred from the music video, Shin Dong Yeop gladly took up a role in SISTAR′s new music video, but he not only immediately took up the role, but also agreed to do it for no pay. The music video for Give It To Me, which stars SISTAR and Shin Dong Yeop, was released on June 11. Shin Dong Yeop appears as a mildly perverted director, a toned-down version of how he appears in tvN′s Saturday Night Live Korea. A source close to SISTAR told enews, "We asked him to appear in the music video through a mutual acquaintance, and he immediately said yes. He also refused to receive anything in compensation, saying we won′t have to pay him when he′s going to have such a good time shooting the video." The source added, "A better music video came out thanks to Mr. Shin Dong Yeop." SISTAR′s Give It To Me has been topping various charts on music sites since its release.