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He stands out! hahaha.. even from afar you can see his gorgeousness! <3 and that bodyguard uncle looks good himself!
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of course Oppa has to make an impression on everyone, how can't they not notice a tall stylish handsome man walking in the airport
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thanks for sharing
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That was nice of him to keep waving. Some stars act like there's no one there. He's a sweetie.
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No problem loves! ^^ Yes, it's really nice of him to acknowledge the presence of his fans around him..
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seeing the way he treats his fans he is such a kind hearted man there r soo many stars that get annoyed,by their fans and,don't even respect them but,he, cares soo much abt his,fans he is soo kind and nice to them and we really appreciate dat thanku soo much oppa for loving us and we love u even more and no matter what we will always support u oppa u r the best SARANGHAEO oppa :-) <3
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