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I know I'm not the first one who has made this comparison, and I know there are other anime guys who look a lot like Howl, but the similarities between Prince Izana (Zen's older brother) from Snow White with the Red Hair are just too much to ignore.
It's funny, because there were times when Izana was being such a jerk, but I wanted to forgive him already because of his similarities to Howl (who I've obviously already forgiven & started loving XD). I mostly think it's how they're presented, but hey, I'm not complaining!

Their hair, their eye colors, just their LOOK is similar!

His hair isn't quite as long as Howl's, though, nor is the color a perfect match. Still...you can see the similarity, right?

Sorry Zen, your older brother is just my style :P

((jk Obi for life))
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ikr obi
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kinda? O.o
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@gmforeman im in love! !!
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