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So I have seen a challenge card by @amobigbang and I decided to take on this challenge. I present to you, rebellion society.
My first member of my fantasy kpop group is Kim SungKyu. The leader and vocal of the group. His voice is just so gorgeous, I don't see why his parents didn't want to appreciate his amazing talent. It just sucks not having supportive parents.
My next member is Hwang Chansung. He will also be on vocals and also the visuals of the group.
The next member will be Jung Jinwoon. Not only is he a good singer, but also very smart! He had the highest national score for their college entrance exams. Talk about intelligent! Genius singer!!!!!!
My next member is the almighty Key! Born in Daegu, raised by his grandmother and has the biggest fashion sense in the group. His personality is huge and he always portrays a mother-like behavior towards his fellow members. Such a sweetheart!
The next member is Jackson Wang. He's attractive, hilarious, and a very good rapper. He and Mark rapped the most in their recent release "fly" and they sound great!
The next member is Joshua Hong or Hong Jisoo. He was born in Los Angeles, plays guitar, and has a very pretty voice. He is as old as my sister having been born in 1995, and he was street casted by the CEO of Pledis Entertainment (I may be wrong on this one but I'm not sure). So cute!!!!!
The last member of my fantasy kpop group "rebellion" is Choi Hansol or Vernon. He will be the maknae and the rapper of the group.
@micahsaysnihao agreed! Nice pair! I would really ship those two together!
Sungkyu and Joshua will be the best praise team together haha