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So some people worried that Steph might be facing a slump when he was only able to make 3 three-pointers over the course of two games (vs. Spurs, Timberwolves). But Steph wasn't worried about his "mini slump", as he mentioned before today's game against the Clippers. And he had every reason to not be worried.
Chef Curry scored 33 points today over the course of 37 minutes and led the Warriors to victory over the Clippers (114-98). That was win number 64 for GSW and they will need to win 9 more in their next 11 games to break the 95/96 Chicago Bulls record for most regular season wins!


No slump for Chef Curry!
@mchlyang Hopefully Iguodala comes back healthy for the playoffs. The record doesn't matter that much. The most important thing for the team right now is to clinch the number one spot and win the whole thing. The record doesn't matter if we lose the championship to the Cavs or someone else.
I watched this one.....can't believe they are doing this well without Iguodala. Of course, the loss against the Spurs was huge but I feel like things are going to be different once they hit the playoffs.