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It doesn't have to be when they get dressed up for a date.

Everyone of us has moments of beauty that we might forget about, but someone always takes notice.

Here are the moments I find my loved ones most beautiful:

My boyfriend:

When he's sleeping.
When he's reading.
When he gets really excited about something at the grocery store.
When a song he loves comes on the radio.
When he talks about his memories.

My mom:

When she's teaching her students.
When she's planning a trip.
When she puts on her really thick glasses.
When she's making my favorite Hungarian cookies.
When she has too many library books to read.

My dad:

When he cries watching old movies.
When he talks about outer space.
When he's really talkative early in the morning.
When he falls asleep on the couch.
When he's dressed up for work.

My best friend:

When she decides to dye her hair in the middle of the night.
When she finishes my sentences.
When she wakes up early to adventure.
When she accidentally says something that sounds super vain lol.
When she talks about something she loves (probably dogs)

Who do you love and how are they beautiful?

Tagging some beautiful people:
my brothers its always great how they always try to make me laugh and when they show me something wait for my input
I honestly think every one of the people that I am attached to are beautiful pretty much all the time. I mean, everyone has their ugly moments but overall
I really liked this card, it was nice :)
I am blessed to have some pretty amazing people in my life - who are always beautiful, even when weighed down by the heavy's quite remarkable! My mom especially, is most beautiful constantly as I watch her raise my deceased sister's 2 special - needs sons (aged 3 & 15). At the age of 65, she's the strongest, most resilient, most radiant woman I have ever known, even more so too, when she's exhausted...♡♡♡
this is the most random thing ever but the most beautiful thing I've ever seen about a person u care about is when one of my best friend rambles on and on and on about superheroes and she has this look on her face. its pretty adorable.
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