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We've already heard @AlloBaber and @cindystran's stories about bringing their partners to meet their parents.

In @AlloBaber's case (here) everything went awesome, but in @cindystran's case the first meeting was pretty rocky.

My family has always liked my partners, and I've never had to experience parents disapproving of someone I'm dating.

Personally I feel like if someone rubbed my family in SUCH a bad way, then they must not be right for me. So I'm almost sure I would choose family over a romantic partner.

What about you?

If it really came down to it, would you choose your partner or your family?

I have no partner, so family regardless 馃槄
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@ZoilaObregon ahhhhhhh 馃槺
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I think there's a special case for everyone. *Since you didn't bring up a scenario to base my decision on* For example, I've never had a boyfriend or been interested in falling in love (which my mother is greatly concerned about because she wants me to enjoy my youth lol). If I were to bring someone home it's because they've truly earned my mother's audience. So in this sense my mom would understand.
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depends on the family member, if I'm being honest. in most cases, it goes without question that family is first.
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I love my family but if I truly loved the person and they couldn't accept that then maybe we need some distance and time for them to realize I'm not giving him up
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