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From the photographer: "Malcesine is a small town on the eastern shore of Lake Garda in northern Italy. Malcesine is located between the mount Baldo and lake Garda. It's a picturesque tourist resort with cobbled lanes and a castle, crammed between the blue lake waters and the massive mountain ridge behind, Monte Baldo. In the summer months Malcesine is a hive of innocent hedonism, packed with pottering holidaymakers gorging on ice cream and sunseekers draped along the lake shore. It's not all laziness, however, as the town's ferry connections to other lakeside resorts make it a good base for sightseeing and the cable-car running up to Monte Baldo is a magnet for cyclists, walkers and paragliders. Lake Garda is the largest lake in Italy, and Malcesine lies towards the narrow and mountainous northern end, often compared to a fjord. The town is situated at the edge of the Veneto region, in the province of Verona. Malcesine is a good exercise in Italian pronunciation: the name is pronounced approximately MalCHESinay. The historic centre of the town Malcesine is a surprisingly intricate with a labyrinth of small shopping streets. In the antique town center, full of shops and typical local bars and cafes, you can visit almost intact antique monuments. There is a market every Saturday morning in the market square, but markets aside there is a great range of interesting shops. It seems the salesman of the antique shop is having a bad day."
@RaymondKong I can believe that. If I travel somewhere, I would love to explore it on my own. If possible.
off beaten track. Normal tour operator won't bring us to place like this.
@MasriDaniela Thank youuuuu, sis! I love seeing your comments. :) (*^ω^)人(^ω^*)
sooo nice !!! sis u post awesome pik.:)