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I don't like buying clothes on impulse so I like to take my time to plan things out before purchasing. Since spring is here I'm overdue for a cute striped t-shirt shirt. I've bene eyeing on one fore a long time but I can't justify my purchase if I can't think of more than 6 ways to wear it. I finally had the time today so I was browsing around for inspiration and created a few moodboards for Spring dates.
My sister got me an overall denim dress when she visited me. Currently, I only wear it on the weekends. I just got this crazy idea of layering the overall over a stripped dress and skip wearing a jacket. I think it'll work perfectly for indoor museum date. Links: Jersey Striped Dress | Vintage Denim Dress
I didn't get to wear my leather jacket all winter because the weather is so cold but once the temperature warm up I could throw this on instead of my chunky parka/puffer jacket. I think it'll be super cute with a stripe dress for a movie date. Links: Striped T-Shirt Dress | Leather Jacket
One of the things we wanted to do this Spring is go on a ballgame date. I guess instead of wearing my floral dress and denim jacket combo I can go with a flowy striped dress.
I already own a trench coat and a suede ankle bootie so when I saw this outfit I naturally wanted to complete the look with a striped dress. I think it'll be super cute for a semi-casual date night.
I don't own a twill vest but this outfit is too chic to pass. Military green and leopard print combo is looks wonderful together.
I'm petite so I'm not sure if a stripe maxi dress will make me look too short but I love the layering technique here. I can already imagine this would be a laid-back yet stylish outfit for an outdoor date. Links: Striped Maxi Dress | Lace Shell Top | Beach Tote
Should I invest in a long sleeve striped dress or short sleeve striped dress? Which one is your favorite?
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How'd you know?!?!?!?! hehehehe @cindystran
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@marshalledgar you have a good eye for all things chic. ;)
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I am so obsessed with the jumper :D
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