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Alright! I'm only up through episode 35ish of Fairy Tail (I slowed down my binging!!), but man!!! Do I love Loke! But I'm also the type that also likes spoiling things for myself so I've read like, all there is to know about him already. Still love him~~
Won't list any spoilers here but he's just great & I'm so happy he's around!!! I knew he was special from early on, and was so annoyed it took to episode 31 or so to find out more about WHY he was acting as he did, you know? I was just too curious!

This is one of my favorite early scenes of him.

The dub is the only one I could find on YT, but I actually quite like the voices. Loke sounds right to me haha. Seeing his body doing what Natsu does is just so ridiculous....actually this whole scene is just so ridiculous!!

Spoilers for Ep 92!!!

(seriously I have spoiled myself so hard but I'm still watching everything hahaha)
I just wanted to include this video because I just loooooveeee seeing how he is SO confident but also SO confidently rejected! Like, total burn hahaha. Don't worry Loke, I still love you~

Anybody else love Loke???

Loke is totally amazing. Sorry but I'm trying to hold back my fangirl syndrome. Ah, OML I just can't get over him. He's my favorite one out of the whole guild well besides Gray. Honestly he's everything you would look for in a guy. Also I love the fact that he can sense that Lucys in trouble/danger. He's always there for her. I get over dramatic about those moments btw. TOO MUCH CUTENESS. If Natsu and Lucy weren't a thing, I would ship LuKe . I believe that Loke was Lucys first love because in the beginning Happy always teased them that they loved eachother. But they weren't meant to be together so I'm sad but happy about it.
he needs to show up more. he showed up in a recent manga chapter but oh MA gawd
@Yunikon I an see that!! Like, if NaLu wasn't there (cause for me it always wins) then Loke would be a good enough match for Lucy. I love the relationship they have even if not romantic though. It really shows how you can love your friends & be there for them unconditionally without being romantically involved!
@yulissab2015 He can legit come out whenever he wants but doesn't and it's just sad. I don't know why Mashima doesn't like bringing out the cool characters often. *looks at DP*
@Yatosgirl @yulissab2015 Honestly I haven't shipped LoLu (lol cute name) ever before buttttt I do think he's awesome and yes please take your shirt off XD how can there be so many episodes/chapters & no shirtless Loke?!
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