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Who Here DOESN'T Ship NaLu?

I'm asking this from a place of genuine curiosity:

who here DOESN'T ship NaLu?

I'm really not trying to start any wars here so don't fight XD Just want to hear opinions!! I'm new the show & genuinely curious about why people have certain ships.

Why do I want to know, you say?

Well, basically...I'm only up through the 30s episode count wise, but I just can't see how you would ship Lucy with anyone else, or Natsu. Well, minus you-know-who from Natsu's past, but I think NaLu is the most obvious ship.

I can kind of see...

Her and Loke. Her and Gray. Sort of kind of??? But only because they're all such loving, passionate people -- even when it is just passionate because of how FRIENDLY they are. Heck, I could see Lucy & Levy!!! Like duh yes good very good.

But so far for me,

There's just nothing but NaLu. It's the obvious to me, but I'm open to looking at things a different way!!!

So that's why I want to ask: is there anyone who DOESN'T think NaLu is everything, and why?

Sell it to me :3
Or you know, you can just agree with me that NaLu is great and more on, that's fine too~~ XD
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@SAMURXAI Ok I think you're right with everything but one detail.... Natsu did love lisanna and that's completely obvious in the anime. He didn't realize it when he saw her in Edolas he was so happy he saw her again😁 I've said this a couple of times but I might as well say it again😁 Natsu as a character how to grow and that's exactly what Hiro Mashima did.. I think he used the Lisanna as his character. growing proof! Natsu and lisanna had a wonderful cute childhood together them being best friends and it was more than clear that they did have feelings for each other especially Lisanna❤ When Lisanna died Nastu made his own grave for Lisanna where they would hang out all the time as kids and you can tell it broke Natsu's heart. Then 2 years pass and he meets Lucy. They go to make her a guild member, Joins Natsu and Happy to be a team and that's when Natsu's new adventure began with a new friend that he could understand him, be there for him just like Lisanna did. Lucy was to prove that Natsu can move on. not forget but move on from Lisanna and begin something new. Even after Lisanna came back Natsu continued to be with Lucy when we all know that he could have gone back to Lisanna but he didn't. That's when I saw Natsu grow as a character. Lisanna is his past and Lucy is his future these two girls helped Natsu grow as a character (besides other things that helped Natsu grow of course) and is the main reason why I ship Nalu because I know now that Natsu wouldn't be with anyone else besides Lucy and that honestly makes me happy😁
😅 alright @hikaymm lol I am a NaLi fan but as I have gotten more farther in Fairy Tail I see that NaLi ship probably isn't going to happen. I feel like I'm betraying my fellow NaLi shippers but I have accepted the NaLu ship. Lol
Yes NaLu all the way!! I pray for your safety through because you just declared war for all the NaLi fans without wanting to 😆 Good luck!
I ship NaLu, but it took me a long time to settle and give in to that. I shipped Lucy a little with just about everyone at one point or another, Gray, Loke, and I really liked her with Hibiki during the Oracion Seis arc (you'll get to him), but I had a harder time shipping Natsu, even with Lisanna, because I didn't feel like he had the capacity for that kind of relationship, if makes sense. I don't think I really fully gave in to NaLu until the Grand Magic Games, and now I can't see anything else!
@AimeBolanos *sigh* yes I probably am the only who has admitted that *smiles* but I gotta face reality lol 😄
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