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Go Itami is by no means the only photographer who is seemingly unable to cease taking appreciative photos of strange elements in his surroundings and his beautiful girlfriend, but there is a certain unbridled purity and cleanliness to his photos that is a rare, and pleasing joy to behold. When browsing his portfolio, the odd mix of private images evokes an almost timid feeling of snooping. The impersonal nature of some of the photos are a quiet shrug to your question of “Should I be looking at these?” until suddenly you turn a corner and BAM! you’re welcomed into a quiet, sun-lit room with one of the cleanest, naked women you’ve ever seen. In a Murakami-esque way, Go Itami transports you to places (mostly Japanese places) that, I feel, you are not often taken to – even on the photo-riddled beast that is the internet. I urge you now to look at these photos in silence, and try to appreciate the quiet, un-showy care that has gone into every single shot, in order to witness the beauty that Go Itami finds so easily and captures so nicely.
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I love his photography :) Really calm and still brign the attractness out of that :)