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The more I watch this guy play, the more I fall in love with him.

Last night, Leonard hit his career high points with 32 points with just playing 2 1/2 quarters. He led the Spurs offense to beat the Miami Heat. This was a crucial match after their unexpected loss against the Charlotte Hornets on Monday night. Even though the MVP is most likely going to go to Steph Curry, I would even go far to say that Leonard is runner-up in the MVP race. Also, with last night's win, the Spurs were able to continue their winning streak at home (36-0 this season).
Incredible night for both Kawhi Leonard and the Spurs. Can't wait for the Spurs and the Warriors to face off each other in April one last time before the playoffs start.
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Yes I hate the Spurs but I have so much respect for him. And even though 32 points might not seem like an incredible career high, it's his off-ball movement and passing play that sets him apart. He's also very unselfish. The type of player that Popivich loves.