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HOT TUB CINEMA Over the last couple of years we´ve shown you some cool and original experiences, remember the awesome Floating Cinema? and the crazy Dinner in the Sky? The Hot Tub Cinema concept combines relaxing hot tubs with good movies and cool places. You can book a hot tub together with your friends to bathe in while watching a movie! There are also individual tickets available to share a hot tub. The hot tubs are obviously cleaned, refilled and heated for every performance. The "jacuzzi cinema" appears in different places in London and other places in England. The rooftops are located in central of London, so it would give you the perfect view of the city. If you cannot make it to London to participate this hot tub, no worry !! The organizer of this event are planning to go international soon. Wait for that !
@ameliasantos10 LOL i was thinking the exact same thing .. lets have our own private hot tub party
i love the idea of sharing hot tubs with friends~ but not sure how i feel about hot tub with strangers hahaha