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Being single is what you make it.

If you focus on being miserable, that is exactly what you will be. This is the perfect time for you to find yourself and simply live. While a relationship is something that we all long for, sometimes it's simply not our time to be pursued as yet. While single you may work on a journey of self, make new friends and travel the world, but one thing you should never do while single is go on a manhunt for love -- literally.
The best things arrive at your doorstep when you least expect them to. Think of a package for instance. The website you ordered from will more than likely send you a confirmation and a perspective delivery date, but they never send you a delivery time -- which means you never truly know when your package is bound to be dropped off.
When it comes to relationships, they are the same way. Think of prom and searching for a dress. No young woman wants to look exactly like the next at prom, that's simply a written rule. So instead of purchasing a dress from a common retailer, she goes the extra mile and gets her dress custom made. It may take a little while longer than going into the store and grabbing a dress off the rack, but it will be made with care and customized to fit you perfectly.
We should look at relationships the same way we look at prom dresses. Your dress is currently being customized, so there's no need to go our of your way and search for something that you already know is currently being prepared for you by special hands. Be patient and know that once your delivery arrives, it will be worth the wait.

Are you currently waiting for your dress to be customized?

Has your dress already arrived?
Uh oh! I never got a costume dress XD hahahaha
Very well said! I couldn't have said it better myself. There is absolutely nothing wrong with being single at all :) and you're so right, there is a guy out there right now looking for his queen @MyAffairWith
Yes and I believe that u should just focus on yourself, on your goals, and become a better version of yourself. Being single is a great time to do a lot of things that you can't really do when you're with someone. I think that women shouldn't be afraid to be single because true love is always worth waiting for. And always believe that the guy you want is out there looking for you. :)
Haha! That's better than popping your knee out the socket and sitting down the entire down @CreeTheOtaku
Ah prom, I am having flash backs of how I was the official picture taker for all of the couples at my prom
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