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It takes one to know one.

If you know Tracee Ellis Ross then you must be a pretty strong woman because she is definitely one of the strongest. Better known as the daughter of Diana Ross and famous for her roles in the hit sitcoms Girlfriends and Blackish, Ross is taking the term strong to a whole other level. When we think of someone being strong, we think of strength -- but Ross is helping all women realize that strength is beauty and being strong is beautiful.
The actress has teamed up with Special K to empower women and remind them that beauty runs deeper than the surface. POPSUGAR had the opportunity to sit down and interview such an iconic woman and the interview was pretty amazing, so if you're a fan or you just happen to be an advocate for women's empowerment -- keep scrolling and check out the video below.
PS: 'The campaign shed light on a photo project called "Strong Is the New Pretty." What does this message mean to you?'
TER: 'I think it means a lot of things. In essence, what I love is that it continues to expand the definition of what we consider to be beautiful. Our culture of beauty has a limited idea at times and this campaign just keeps reminding us all that women are beautiful for so many reasons. Many of which don't have anything to do with our physicality, in terms of our aesthetics. I love the message!'
PS: 'How important is it for you to play strong-minded and smart female characters when you take on roles? [Tracee currently plays an anesthesiologist on ABC's Black-ish and previously played a lawyer on the hit CW show Girlfriends]'
TER: 'I don't know that I choose them specifically for that, but that seems to be what comes through in them and I'm open to that. I think it's great that those traits come across in certain roles, but my job and my intention is really sharing an honest humanity and breathing life into a character and making her feel authentic and honest.'
PS: 'As a biracial actress, have you faced any criticisms from being on a show that makes political statements about race?'
TER: 'I haven't. I don't know that our show makes political statements. I think our show does a really good job of [being] an access point for conversation; sometimes about some very big topics.'
PS: 'Will the show be tackling more serious topics, such as the police brutality episode, in the future?'
TER: 'I think we have and we will. That was a very particular, very special [episode] but, you know, our show inherently is a multigenerational, character-driven, family comedy. But we are this black family that is living in current times, and the show is about dealing with race and identity and how you raise your kids in this sort of ever-evolving world, which is extremely current. We're not in the '80s, we're here, we're now. Topics will come up that are real, that we're dealing with. I really trust the writers.'
PS: 'There has been a lot of opinions lately about women empowerment; one of the hot topics being Kim Kardashian declaring that she feels empowered by taking nude selfies. What are your thoughts on it?'
TER: 'I think choicefullness [sic] and agency over our own lives and our own bodies is part of being empowered. I think it's a personal choice for everybody. I wish we lived in a world where there were enough images of women in every area so we didn't feel the need to judge ones that were differently than the way we thought they should be. I think women are full creatures and the liberation and freedom of women is something that we're all fighting for, and it means something differently to everybody.'
PS: 'You recently shared a funny video of yourself singing along to Rihanna's new song, "Work." She is another example of someone who is empowered by her sexuality.'
TER: 'I just think it's extraordinary. There so many examples of women living out loud and being who they are. Beyoncé is a great example. Rihanna is a great example. Taraji P. Henson. Gabrielle Union. I think there's space for everyone. That's the beauty, by the way — if something doesn't work for you, you get to turn in a different direction because you know what? There are enough examples. If Kim doesn't work for you, you have other choices. But that doesn't mean we have to take anybody down. We are no longer in the time where there is only one and can be only one. There are women of all kinds, all shapes, all sizes doing themselves, being themselves, in such beautiful, out-loud ways. And it's stunning. And I love it.'

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