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It's become rather foreign to many.

Talking on the phone that is. Living in a generation that relies on acronyms instead of communicating verbally, I'll admit -- I miss it. There was a point in time where I was pro text messaging, but I realized how important it is to communicate with people via telephone.
Like anything else, new things soon become old and no longer serve a purpose -- the phone is well on its way. Thanks to the world of social media and networking via the internet, usage of a cellular device isn't needed in the same manner it once was.
While a text is perfect for sending something urgent and quick, the idea of talking to someone over the phone will forever hold a small space in my heart. It's hard to truly get to know someone when you can't hear their voice. Many would say hearing someone speak doesn't matter, but it matters so much. Writing out 'laughing out loud' is totally different than actually being able to hear that person laugh and have it bring so much joy to your soul.
Knowing that someone is angry with you makes so much more sense when you can hear the disappointment in their voice opposed to when they reply with one word because of their passive aggressive behavior. Talking on the phone is needed, no matter what this new generation might think. Being able to pick up the phone and call someone just to see how they are doing makes a huge difference than texting them to ask how their day was. Still not convinced? Keep scrolling and all me to persuade you why talking on the phone is so important.

Verbal Communication Is Critical For Growth

Without verbal communication, we would literally be mimes. You don't need to talk on the phone every second of the day, but sometimes picking up the phone makes all the difference.

You Never Know Who May Be Longing To Hear Your Voice

For the older folk who aren't as savvy with the new age technology, sometimes a random phone call can literally make their day. Texting is definitely more convenient, but when it comes to the heart -- convenience isn't something it longs for.

A Five Minute Convo Can Turn Into Two Hours

What was supposed to last only for a few minutes can turn into a full brown conversation. You never truly know how much you appreciate something until you give it a try.

You Can Get To Know Someone On A More Personal Level

Of course you can find out someones A/S/L via text messaging, but can you truly find out everything about someone through constant texts? Probably not. A phone call will give you a much better feel of a person and you can definitely always tell if you're feeling the conversation [or even feeling you] based on their voice and vocal mannerisms.

Are you convinced yet?

I challenge you to pick up the phone and call somebody today.
Ugh. I love talking on the phone WAY more than texting. I always set up Factime or phone call dates with my friends. It's just way better than taking all that time to text back and forth, though I do that only on occasion.
In person convos are always the best though so I totally understand, but if we aren't communicating in person I def love cupcaking on the phone @alywoah
Hmm. Yeah, I think it also just depends on the relationship. I don't really enjoy talking on the phone, and neither does my boyfriend. We do light communication over social media/texting. But when we want to have a serious conversation, it's obviously in person. This seems to be working for us so far.
Same here! well, it all depends on who I'm talking to lol some people don't know how to hold a conversation on the phone and that's when I have to hit them with the "let me call you back" haha @nicolejb