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What's your most Hawkward moment?

We all have 'em!

One of the reasons Hawkeye is so lovable is his overall awkwardness. He's probably the Avenger that's constantly telling Dad jokes. He's the dude running around with a bow and arrow while there's an alien invasion or a murderous army of super-robots on the loose. Hawkward as heck my friends. Just look at this guy trying to flirt:

Let's get real Marvel community!

What's your most Hawkward moment? Was it the time your shirt opened up while you were sitting in the front row of a lecture? The date where you went to lean in for a kiss and your glasses fell off and into your date's food? Um.... those definitely happened to someone else and certainly not to me!
My Hawkward moment was in 7th grade. Half the class would have computer class or reading, while the other half stayed for the next lesson, then the next day would happen vice versa. attention span was very little. I saw half the class was missing when I "went into space" and I thought it was the reading session. I picked up my reading books and just walked out of the classroom. No one was in the classroom, so I go back and everyone + my teacher was staring at me. I asked if the reading session was in another room, she said "reading is cancelled today. The other students went to help set up seats in the gym." I was mortified. Now that I look back....yeah still mortified lol
my most awkward moment happened in elementary. I sneezed so hard I smacked my face off the lunch table as a teacher walked by and she asked if I was fine, I said yup peachy and she looked at me weird and walked away lmao
wow this is kina embarrassing but my most awkward moment was in 11th grade I asked a girl out for a date and she said I would but I'm with someone already.... and my girlfriend would not like it 😣
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