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So as we all know every idol has had a different color of hair at least once. I personally think that Taemin is one of those people that can pull off any color! Just look at the evidence!

Hair Color: Black

Of course you have to love him with Black hair. Its all natural!!


For some reason I thought this was his natural hair color for the longest!


Taemin killed the red hair while he had it!


I really like this hair color! It made him look more unique and majestic(lol struggle of limited vocabulary)


You have no idea how much I really liked this hair...Problem is everytime I saw it I wanted some bubblegum XD


In my opinion this looks the best on him...With the blonde hair he just looks so mature

Which Is Your Favoirte Hair Color??

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@SHINeeIngGirl Not at all...Black is my favorite right after blonde just because of the realness it gives off
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i loved the purple white on him. just amazing!!!!! 馃槏馃槏
2 years agoReply
Of course, he looks good regardless of what color his hair is, but I'm partial to the white and purple (cuz purple!) and the brown (cuz any time it's long, it's brown, and I have a *serious* weakness for long hair).
2 years agoReply
He looks good with all them to me.
2 years agoReply
The brown and the red.
2 years agoReply