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After deciding last week to try a cool design on my nails in gray and black this week, I gave it a go!

And they look.....alrightish?

But that's my left hand. The hand I can paint because my right hand is strong!
While the design on this nail isn't perfect, it's not too shabby.

And then you have my right hand.

My left hand was shaking so much just trying to hold on to my nail art brush!! It's still not horrible....if you squint....and don't look too closely. lol. Even with the super thin long brush I have, my lines were so bad.

Do you guys have any tips for helping my left hand be ready to draw more complicated designs??

@hikaymm hope it works out for you the way you want it :)
@MyAffairWith great idea!!! I'll try :)
@hikaymm have you tried using a toothpick or sponge or something else to create the marble effect? I use both toothpick and sponge. It may not be perfect but the color and the look don't look too bad
@marshalledgar @MyAffairWith sounds good to me! Though there are a few stories about me attempting those water marbling nails....also ended in disaster, hahaha....
LOL WOW! @hikaymm Too funny. Well, you and @MyAffairWith can do the whole 'marble' look. :) :) :)
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