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why must you add 3 new videos all at once?? My little heart cant take all of the amazing camera shots of JB!!

look at that face and body! He knows he is about to slay millions of girls!!!

I always love their dance practice!!
then they release "See the light" performance! Like I can barely catch my breath! Im dying from too many handsome guys!
its official JB and GOT7 will be the death of me!! I really love the performance and its about time we got some close ups of GOT7 while dancing to "FLY!" Don't forget to watch the video to increase the views!
How dare they go from Mark smiling to JB?? I feel so attacked!!
As always Mnet released a sign album version. I hope I get the Rose Quartz one since I already order the Serenity one!! I can't wait to own this!! Is anyone else going to get it???
@ElizabethT I get your pain thats how GOT7 has my bank account going for this comeback and the US tour lol
Sooooo, I just got that!!!! I'm like "YAAAAAYY!!!!", but my bank accounts like "NOOOOOOOI!!!!" 馃槶
@SusiBosshammer. Loved it!! lol
@luna1171 I know right! I love the cameraman for once he zoomed in on my bias and wasnt just showing an out look of the performance!
That was Daebak! !
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