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Okie, so I've been quite bored for the past couple weeks because of exams. But have you guys seen all the Kpop COSPLAY!? They are wonderful! they make themselves look exactly like the idol they're trying to cosplay as.
Lets start with BTS first And yes this is one cosplayer^^^ ITS THE SAME PERSON!? HOW!?
This is one of the best Jin cosplays I could find ~*0*~
I can't even believe that this isn't our Namjoonie
Then we have our lovely Jungkookie with Namjoonie
Kim Taehyung cosplay. Let me tell you this. Taehyungie is so popular in the kpop cosplay world There are so many of him!!! But i mean, I'm not complaining
Here's our precious sweg king . I'm seriously wondering HOW people look like idols!!!!
Jung Hoseokie everybody's beloved horse I love him really
you're probably wondering 'Where's ChimChim!?' I'm sorry but I couldnt find any for him. I wish I could have.......... jk OFCOURSE THERE'S GONNA BE CHIMCHIM!!!
Its just so amazing!!!
let me know what you guys think of BTS cosplayers!!! They're fantastic(FANTASTIC BABY DANCE OOOHHHH I WANNA DANCE DANCE DANCE DADANCE WOW FANRASTIC BABY)(I had to) right?! I wish I could do that myself!
The Jimin cosplay really looks like him oh my god.