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Okay, since I have been taking a butt ton of medication for my kidney transplant, I get acne... That turns into dark spots. The spots make my face look trashy and dirty. If you saw my arm then my face, you would say Wtf. So my make up peeps that I trust with my face and such please help me! What can I do! I want it gone and I want to even my Complexion..

Help me out!!! ❤❤❤ Thank you!!!
Great suggestion about the black soap @jordanhamilton. I would suggest making an appointment with a dermatologist. And like all cosmetic consultations, it's best to see a few different specialists about it. I don't have nearly enough knowledge on the matter of acne to give you any credible advice @LAVONYORK Have you been on RealSelf.com? I use them religiously for all my cosmetic consults. You may be able to find a dermatologist or aesthetician through them.
Yes! Also a dermatologist. I agree with @marshalledgar
To get raw all natural black soap you would want to get it form a health food store or an African market. Any ones you see at target or Walmart are not real African black soap except for Shea moistures line at target. Check them out as well. Heard their black soap works pretty good
Try black soap! Helps to even out complexions. I would say focus on all natural products. Also in the mean time an orange based color corrector will work to cover up those dark marks perfectly.
@LAVONYORK I agree with the black soap. you can also order it off line. She Moisture has a black soap line too for skincare. I bought my black soap from the hair store. It used all natural ingredients.
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