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Make Up HELP
Okay, since I have been taking a butt ton of medication for my kidney transplant, I get acne... That turns into dark spots. The spots make my face look trashy and dirty. If you saw my arm then my face, you would say Wtf. So my make up peeps that I trust with my face and such please help me! What can I do! I want it gone and I want to even my Complexion..

Help me out!!! ❤❤❤ Thank you!!!
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I'm checking out realself.com and I see a few things I want already
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Thanks for the info guys!
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youre very welcome :)
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@LAVONYORK I'm late but!! I actually saw a post asking for similar advice somewhere recently and read that LA Pro Girl's orange color concealer is perfect for something like this. I haven't tried it myself though so I can't really speak to its quality :) I use an orange powder concealer from Blackbird Cosmetics to hide a sun spot I have sometimes (literally most of the time I just dont care though haha) but I wouldn't really recommend a powder concealer as they're not that easy to use.
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@LAVONYORK I agree with the black soap. you can also order it off line. She Moisture has a black soap line too for skincare. I bought my black soap from the hair store. It used all natural ingredients.
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