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Sitting in the studio was amazing. I never thought I'd be in BTS'S studio. They were recording a song and it was one that Suga had been working on, on the train that night. They were first practicing together to see how it flowed right and then one by one they started recording their parts. It was an amazing process. After a while I looked down at my watch and realized they needed food. It had been several hours since Suga had eaten so that probably meant that everyone was hungry. I stood up and walked out of the room and left the building. I quickly picked a place close by and ordered a bunch of food. Then quickly went back. As I walked in the door I heard Jin. "Yum something smells good!" He came at me and grabbed one of the bags and started pulling food out. "I figured you guys were hungry." "Thank you (y/n)" they all said. Suga stayed in the seat still working on the music. I grabbed some food and took it to him. "Hey, here's some food. Why don't you take a break?" "I'm ok." He was so focused on his computer. I grabbed a piece of food. "Say ahh!" He looked at me with a what are you doing look. "You're going to feed me?" He asked raising an eyebrow. "Yes if that's the only way to get you to eat." "Ahhh" He opened his mouth and I put the food in. He chewed it up and after swallowing he started talking. "Ok I'll take a break and eat. It's really good." He grabbed the food from me and started chowing down. I smiled. I can't believe this is going to be my life now. It's weird seeing the idol you "love" in person. I never thought I'd ever be this close to him or BTS and here I am. I didn't realize that I was still staring at Suga. "What are you staring at?" He asked wiping his face. "Sorry I was just thinking." "Where you fangirling again?" He laughed "No....I just never thought I'd be this close to you or the guys ever. It's pretty amazing." "Yea....let's not mess it up." He started shoving food into his mouth again. I grabbed some food and also shoved it in my mouth. It was amazing. I picked a great place. After Suga finished eating he handed me his container and then went back to his computer. I got up and went to join the others. "He's normally like that." Jimin said " you guys have to force feed him?" "Sometimes. Normally we leave his food by him and he'll eventually eat it." Namjoon said. "Oh." "Enough about Yoongi let's talk about us!" V said scooting closer to me and putting an arm around me. He smiled and I smiled right back. "Dude she's probably screaming in her head right now" Jhope said. I blushed a little and just ate more food. When I finally looked up I glanced towards where Suga was and saw he was staring at me and V. I froze when our eyes locked once again. I don't know why but he has this effect on me. I can't seem to get over his stare. V realized where I was staring and put his face in front of mine. I moved my head back so there was a good distance between us. He moved to have his mouth right with my ear. "Yoongi is your bias isn't he." He whispered in my ear sending shivers down my back. I lightly pushed him away not wanting to answer him. "So when do I get your schedule? I'll need to be on top of all activities?" I looked around at everyone. "Oh one of us will get it for you. Today we just figured we'd get to know each other and then give you all the fun information you need." Jin said After everyone was done eating we all started talking and within a half hour we had become comfortable with each other even Jungkook started talking and making jokes. The only one not joining was Suga. I was a little disappointed but I had always heard he was a hard worker when it came to the music. After a while everyone left and it was just me and Suga left in the studio. I walked in and sat next to him. "Yoongi?" He turned to me but didn't say anything. "I have something to get off my chest." He stopped fiddling with his computer and turned the chair to completely face me. "Ok I'm freaking out here. I don't know what is going to happen or how this is going to work and I don't even know where I'm staying. All I know is that I need to stay by your side." I could feel my face getting red. "I'm sorry, I know it's gonna be weird." He turned around and grabbed a piece of paper and then handed to me. "This is our schedule for the next month." He had it the whole time. I guess he was waiting like the guys had said earlier. "You'll be staying in our dorm. But you get your own room since, well you are a woman." "Really? Isn't that going to make things a little tight for some?" "Unless you want to room with one of us?" He said smirking. "I....I wouldn't care but maybe it is a smart idea for me to have my own room." I looked down at my feet. "(Y/n) don't be to friendly with V ok." I looked up. "Why?" "I.....just think that he'll distract you." Did that make sense? "How would he distracted me?" I was really curious now. But he wouldn't answer he just turned around and looked at his computer. "He's your bias isn't he?" He said this so quietly I had to lean in. "What?" I asked still close to him. "I said.." He turned and once again we were too close and I shot back almost knocking the chair I was sitting in to the ground. "He's your bias isn't he? I mean I get it he's real fun to be around and he's got a great personality." I guess he didn't realize what he had just done to me. I took a few breaths than lean in towards him but not to close and place my hand on top of his. "No he isn't my bias." He looked at me and then to my hand on his and then he place his other hand on top of mine. He then looked at me. "I'm sorry I just figured he was with how you were acting." "How was I acting?" "When he put his arm around you, you instantly smiled. And then you even blushed." "Oh Yoongi it was what Jhope said that made me blush. You guys are torturing me with saying I'm always fangirling in my head. It's a little embarassing." "That's all?" Why was he wondering about this? "Yes trust me V isn't my type he's like best friend material." "What about me?" He had now move his hand that was in top of mine and started tracing letters on my hand. I didn't know what to say. I wasn't going to say that he was the one I liked the most of the group. I ran through several ideas in my head. "I don't of right now we're friends, I work for you so..." I didn't finish because he cut me off. "That's all? Well I was really hoping I was your bias." He stopped tracing and pulled his hands away and turned back to the computer and put his head phones on. What the heck was going on with him. I stood up and walked out of the room. I don't know why but that sudden out burst kind of hurt. I decided to give him some space and went to get some coffee. He'd need it since he liked to work through the night. When I got back he wasn't there. His stuff was so I just figured he'd be back. I set the coffee down and laid down on the couch. I must have been really tired because I fell asleep.

Yoongi's POV

I don't know what has come over me. Why do I care so much if she likes me the best or not. It's nice knowing that V isn't her bias but I have 5 other guys to go through to find out who it is. For all I know she really doesn't have a bias and likes us all the same. I don't know why that makes me so mad. Working on music is a nice outlet. I stretched and realized she wasn't in here. I got up and went to look for her. I stopped in the bathroom so that I could work through the rest of the night without stopping. There was no one else here minus the security guard. The building was so quiet. I was starting to get worried. I walked back into the studio to grab my phone and call her but there she was laying on the couch asleep. I grabbed a small blanket I kept here incase I decided to sleep here. I pulled it over her and just lost myself. She was beautiful even when sleeping and although we only had a few moments of just us like this I really was starting to like seeing her sleep but her smiling was breathtaking. I shook my head and turned to my computer. She had gotten me coffee. What a sweet girl. I happily sipped it and continued on working.
Well here you have it another Suga update. I hope you all enjoyed it. Expect another update within 24hrs...yay for writing!!! lol
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