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Can we take a moment and appreciate the beauty of the roaring 20s. This was the era women took a social step forward with fashion, beauty and political status. "Girl Power" is what we would describe this moment toady. Women gained the right to vote, moved away from the stereotypical beauty standard. This was the first time ladies weren't afraid of going for the short bob and the flapper dress. One of my favorite thing from this period is of course the gorgeous hairstyles. Today's focus will be the vintage classics finger wave.

Dolores Costello - popular actress of in the late 20s known for classy finger waves.

Curling iron did not exist back in the 20s and they curled their hair using a very long process! If your hair is stick straight it takes more work! Something like this...

Thankfully, we don't have to rely on the old method to create finger curls. If used properly, hot rollers and curling iron could create the same type of soft curls.

Here's a modern take on the finger wave updo!

It's a difficult hairstyle but the outcome is gorgeous and there are many other variations of this hairdo. Has anyone tried finger waving their hair? How did you like it?

this is naturally my hair style.
You're welcome!
thank you
@barnett0911 You're blessed with a beautiful texture!