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Hiya Vinglers! So today for Throwback Thursday I want to ask you ask you who was your favorite Throwback Anime group of characters! Like was it Goku and the DBZ team? Or was it Teen Titans? Or maybe Yusuke and the Spirit Dectective Team?
Comment Below you favorite group of characters or Make a {TT} card and tag me and the mod team in it! We would love to see your answers! :)
For me I Loved Team Rocket when I watched Pokemon when I was younger! I just loved their comedic relief in every episode and the sass Meowth brought to the team!
I also reallyyyyy love all the characters from YuYu Hakushu! Being the first anime that I got really into, I just love the dynamics and how the characters mesh with each other and how even though they are from all different worlds and personalities, they can come together and kick-ass. I also love to see how they all have grown from the first 20 episodes to the last episode of the anime!
@Captpeter That works for me 😄
would the crew of the bebop be far back enough
Both of those are great! :D
Sometimes I really hoped that Team Rocket would win, just for one episode, maybe two....