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What you see right there is hard to put a sense of scale to, but trust me, that's a life-seized Sanji on hands and knees. Why is there a life-sized Sanji on his hands and knees, you might ask?
Well for one, it's taken from the scene where Zeff releases him from his position at the floating restaurant, the moment where Sanji joins with Luffy as a member of the Strawhat crew.
For two, this life-sized sculpture is actually a charger for your electronics. You can see in that picture the cord for the plug, coming out of the back of the statue.
Apparently, Oda has called 2016 'The Year of Sanji', because key parts of his history will be revealed this year. I guess in honor of that, Yahoo Japan decided to present this life-sized Sanji as a giveaway.
The piece was evidently not cheaply made, costing about as much as a luxury car to create, according to Kotaku.
While I do think this is kind of a cool thing to have, I can't help but wonder why they would only put a single charging port on the thing. Just one input on his head? Why make it so big if you're only going to have one port?
Either way, this would be a cool, weird thing to have in your home. I kind wish I had one myself.
Lol I thought he was on his hands and knees because of the pain of the wire on his butt. :I Never seen that kinda charger before, though. :o
@MoisEsGaray right? I think there's only this one though and it was a Yahoo Japan giveaway
@InVinsybll dang that's crazy hahah must have lol
@MoisEsGaray yeah its full person sized
this looks awesome!!!! :D So it's not a staute? it's like huge??? :O
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