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Every college players dream is to have a chance to prove they can compete on the NBA level.
Very few coaches put their players in position to jump to the league as quickly and successfully as John Calapari. Many love him for that reason, some can't stand him for the that as well.
Today, Calapari continues to show the world why he's every kids favorite coach, as he announced that EVERY draft eligible player will declare for the NBA draft.
Under new NCAA rules, players declaring for the draft can return to school if they don't sign with an agent, have up to 10 days after the pre-draft combine to withdraw from consideration and can try out with an NBA team.
In regards to the end result of the process, Calapari spoke on the issue on Twitter, saying "Players not invited to the combine know what that means. Players invited to the combine and told to to back to school know that that means."
I'm on the fence on this decision by Calapari. I don't think players should throw their names into the hat until they are truly ready. Some players may get swayed by the dollar signs, when they could improve their draft position with another year in school.
Do you think Coach Cal is doing the right thing by declaring all his players for the draft?
Let the man do whatever he wants his team....they're still winning every year.
Thus I don't think Calapari is doing his job
@mchlyang Well of course they're going to want to go to the NBA as quickly as possible. It might be in the best interest of the coach to help them to make important decisions in their lives since they are still young and they might not know what's best for them.
Well ultimately, it's up to the player to make the decision and they are all grown ups so I think players should have the liberty to choose their own future path. Even though I'm not a huge fan of Calapari, I think he has made the right decision. You also don't want a player to be discouraged because the coach didn't let him take part in the draft.