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I had the awesome pleasure of reaching out to a young woman whose name you will definitely be seeing in all of the fashion magazines before you know it. Sandra Amiraa Vainqueur, better know as AmiraaVee was born and raised in Maryland where she was brought up in a Haitian household.
Currently at the ripe age of 24-years old, the self-made maven knew big things were in store for her future long before graduating with a degree in fashion business. Since graduating she has worked in luxury houses within the corporate world, but later realized that a nine to five career just wasn't the correct path for her. She's accomplished quite a bit so far in the world of fashion including working on Kanye's Yeezy Season 3 show to her hair campaign with natural hair line, Creme of Nature.
While trying to make AmiraaVee a household name, she has been working diligently on quite a few things including her upcoming look book, summer campaign, brand collaborations, and a lifestyle reality web-series called “FashionFriendsBeLike” that she will be both starring in and co-producing.
In her spare time, AmiraaVee enjoys shooting and perfecting her ever so amazing craft. If you're interested in hearing more about this fashion mogul in the making, keep scrolling to check out the full interview below.
Q: How long have you been into fashion and modeling?
A: I have been into Fashion as long as I can remember, that is what led to my interest in modeling.
Q: Where or who do you get most of your inspiration from?
A: I draw most of my inspiration from emotion. Depending on how I am feeling, is how I get dressed that day. I honestly just have a creative eye which is expressed through my style.
Q: What made you become interested in starting a career in the modeling field?
A: I decided to make it a career once I realized how fulfilled it made it me feel. Ever since then I have been trying to perfect my craft every chance I get.
Q: If you could give one fashion tip to beginners, what would it be?
A: Monochromatic looks work for every season.
Q: Must have fashion item for the spring?
A: Distressed Denim
Q: Favorite designer or store to shop at?
A: I have a range of favorite designers for different reasons from Balmain to Tom Ford to Stella McCartney to Guiseppe Zanotti and more.
Q: A jumpsuit or a pair of boyfriend jeans?
A: boyfriend jeans
Q: One word to describe your taste in fashion.
A: Luxe. I love quality.
Q: What accessory would you wear constantly and never get tired of?
A: Sunglasses are a must.
Q: What’s the best season in your opinion when it comes to fashion trends or styles in general?
A: Best season is Fall/Winter hands down.
Q: Where do you see yourself when it comes to modeling another ten years?
A: I see myself as a mogul. I will be the model that will represent many designers, have many campaigns and global magazine covers under her belt. I will be an entrepreneur with my own fashion lines/collections as well.
Q: What’s one thing you believe all young entrepreneurs should know?
A: Success doesn’t comes easy, you have invest in your business. You have to work hard and have lots of patience.
Q: Name one fashion faux pa that drives you crazy.
A: I don’t understand the question.
Q: Fashion tip you live by?
A: I have my own tips. Fashion is a form of art, and style is the art through your eyes.

Okay, seriously. How absolutely stunning is this beauty?

It was such a pleasure having such an opportunity to talk fashion with such a gorgeous being. Definitely giving me some serious Naomi Campbell vibes. If you are loving the interview above and need some more AmiraaVee in your life, check out her website [here].
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Awesome :) her confidence definitely seeps through both her looks & her attitude! I'm sure she's going places!!!
This is gorgeous! I am in love with her sense of style and her presence. Gorgeous girl!
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