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Over the past month or so, Lebron has been playing mind games in the press and on social media with the Cleveland Cavs organization.
His opt-out clause and high value leave the team helpless to respond or defend themselves. It's pretty clear that he's unhappy with the product the team is putting on the floor right now.
While many doubt he will leave the Cavs this year, a new rumor emerged of a "fantastic four" possibility on a new team with Melo, Wade, Chris Paul and Lebron.
"I really hope that, before our career is over, we can all play together. ... At least one, maybe one or two seasons -- me, Melo, D-Wade, CP -- we can get a year in," James told Bleacher Report in February for a feature story on James' and Anthony's relationship that was published Wednesday. "I would actually take a pay cut to do that."
"I don't know how realistic it could be," James said. "It would definitely be cool if it happened, but we don't know how realistic it could be to have us four. But, I mean, if you got an opportunity to work with three of your best friends [you take it], no matter what. It's not even about sports. It's about being around guys that you don't even have to say nothing, you automatically know. We just have that type of history.
"So can it happen? I don't know if it can even happen, but it would be cool."
Financially, everyone would have to take MAJOR pay cuts to make this happen. With that being said, that money could be made back in ad dollars for these guys. The big issue could be the timeshare of the ball. Who takes the last shot? Who will be the lock down defender of the bunch? Who would coach this group?

Do you think Carmelo, Lebron, Chris Paul and Wade will ever end up on the same NBA team?

Depends on the timing of this whole thing. DWade and Melo are still good but they are not top 10. Do they want to be champions or just simply have a good time together.
Also, those four together will never win a championship.
Nope. Unless a team wants to give up its future to drive in the crowd for two seasons. And D Wade is never leaving Miami and I don't think the Heat organization would be dumb enough to bring in LeBron, CP3, and Melo just for the sake of them having a nice little get together before they retire.