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From Disney to the NFL, major corporations are rallying against Georgia's pending "religious liberty" bill, which allows faith-based organizations to deny services to those who violate their "sincerely held religious belief." Critics argue it is a path to legalized discrimination.
To me, this is a clear agenda and by signing this bill, they will give a lot of groups legal clearance to deny people service for murky reasons. The south has come a long way since the days of the civil-rights movement, but the singing of this bill could set the state back 100 years in regards to race relations.
It's very possible that groups will deny service to customers due to their race and use religion as "protection" on why they have a right to deny customers.
The scary part is how do we handle these situations when they pop up? This could lead to a lot of riots. For this bill to make it this far, it's clear that certain people with connections have pushed it to this point. I'm sure the governor is facing pressure to push this through as well.
Now it's up to the Governor to sign or veto the bill. What do you think he will do?
I also saw that Disney is looking at protesting this by not filming in Georgia anymore (which, apparently they do a lot). But I'm glad companies are taking a stand too!
I live in Georgia and it makes me very sad that this is still a problem. I agree with you that this bill could give organizations and businesses the ability to deny service to people based on grounds other than religion and they will use this bill as their legal cover.
well religion is not a race so its not gonna "set race relations back 100 years". Simply put if you support same sex marriage thats fine. If you dont want to then this bill helps allows you to do so.