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American Eagle is doubling down on body positivity with the launch of #AerieMen, a men's underwear collection for all kinds of guys. Having already supported women of all shapes and sizes, they felt it time to go after the dudes.
As young man growing up in today's social media driven era, I can attest to the fact that guys suffer from the same pressure women do in regards to body standards. There is a certain shape and physique that people think you should have.
It's great to see AE facing this issue head on, and embracing people with different builds. I don't think they are pushing people to eat and live unhealthy, but I think they are embracing the fact that their are different standards of beauty across the board.
What do you think? Good or bad campaign for American Eagle?
Do you know if they'll be following it up by stocking a greater selection of sizes? The campaign is a great idea but it's really difficult for people to find sizes higher than the below-average range so I'd definitely like to see them blazing that trail!
It's a great idea, but @shannonl5 is right. If they don't start stocking those sizes in the stores, it won't change anything. This idea has to have a follow through in order to succeed.
Yeah!! I really like this!! And the women's campaign was awesome too!
Hmmm...I think they have a good idea going on here