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Within the next hour the elder detective comes to get you and Junho. “We've found your anti-fan, come with me.” You walk in to the room you had lunch in earlier that week. Sitting at the table are the younger detective, the director, and Michele. Michele? She wouldn’t do this to you; she’s pretty much your only friend at work. There has to be some mistake. Junho takes one look at her, “That’s who went to get your glasses from your hotel room.” “I thought you didn’t remember her?” you comment, looking at him. “If you gave me a room of P.A.’s and gofers, I couldn’t. But that’s the shirt she had on that day.” You look at him incredulously, “You recognize her clothes?” “No,” he looks over at you, “I recognize yours. That’s the shirt you were wearing your first day on the set.” Looking back over at her you realize he’s right. That’s the shirt you lent her when you first arrived in Korea, you’d forgotten all about it. The detective pulls out two small, clear baggies. One contains your Buddha necklace; the other a tube of lipstick. You sit down with a thump across from her. “This can’t be right; Michele is my only friend in the company. We often end up working together.” “With friends like this, you don’t need any enemy’s sweetheart. To listen to her talk she doesn’t have anything nice to say about you.” “What? Why?” You turn back to Michele and are startled by the look of malice on her face. “Such a goody two-shoes; ‘Oh, I’m soo innocent, so naive’. Only took one guy to prove that wrong didn’t it bitch? Send her to Korea, she listens to their music. Doesn’t seem to matter how hard the rest of us work, everything is just handed right to you. You make me sick. I only ever pretended to be your friend so I could reap the benefits of being around holier than thou you.” She looks away in disgust. You’re stunned to silence. It proves just how naive you are that she was able to fool you all these months into thinking that she really liked you. You knew this business was cutthroat but you had no idea just how far some would go. You feel like you could throw up, how many other things aren't real in your life? Junho reaches over and takes your hand. “So what will happen now?” he asks the officers. “Well, the company is still pressing charges so we’ll take her downtown. You want your charges added?” “What will that do? Just give her a record here in Korea?” “Actually, we can have her deported. We’ll move the charges over to the U.S. to be filed and action taken there.” “Will I have to testify or will my previous statements be all that’s needed?” “They will get in touch with you on the attempted murder charge; but no I think they should everything else they need.” The elder detective holds up one of the baggies; “The evidence will also be sent to the U.S., you might not see this again for a couple of years." He points at Junho's Buddha around your neck, "I see you’ve already gotten it replaced, that's possibly for the best.” A disgusted snort comes from the other side of the table. “I’m sure you can discuss with us whatever you need without her present right?” Junho turns and asks the detectives. “The sooner she's out of my sight, the better.” Michele turns pained eyes to him, “You could have had so much better; don’t you understand that?” The detectives pull her to her feet and as they take her out the door she screams back, “I LOVE YOU, you should be in love with ME!”
Okay, well I know I'm crazy and boy obsessed but too far Michelle, too far. smh
Oh my gawdd. She crazy...
OMG I did not see that coming wow...what a horrible person. I literally wanna slap her through text.