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Rosemary × Rin😁

Looks like Rin has a crush on someone!❤

Art done by Kkumri❤

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so who is rosemary and rins parents?
a year ago·Reply
@Straightshooter Rosemary's Parents are Jellal and Erza and Rin's Parents are Gray and Juvia
a year ago·Reply
lol oh okay. I figure as much for her but I thought rin was more on the lines of Gajeel and Levy (since he looked a little book wormish) @AimeBolanos Lol thanks
a year ago·Reply
@AimeBolanos ah okay I see the blue hair with the black in the back from gray. Plus his personality is kinda like Juvias. I can see it now
a year ago·Reply
@Straightshooter Heres his profile pic so you can getmto know him better😆 haha
a year ago·Reply