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I asked this question a few a day ago. The question came from sincere curiosity, so I was open to answering it. However, I had never actually sat down and thought about that question. But as I thought for a few moments to scramble up a response, I realized the question sort of assumes that other races don't rock the weaves.
The truth is, a lot of women wear weaves, and it's not just black women.
The sometimes expensive locks come curly, straight, short. They can come in one pieces, or attached to small clips. But head which cradle these pieces can be anyone (yes, even white people)!
Although I do wear weaves, wigs, and extensions -- it's was never really my whole life. Hell, I didn't even know what exactly what a weave was until I was in college, and I Googled my options after a horrific haircut that left my bra-length hair floating above my my ears.

But...Why Do PEOPLE Wear Fake Hair?

1) Variety

Sometime we just want to change it up. Fake hair is easy -- we just put it on and then we rock it. We don't have to worry about frizz, dryness, or oily hair. We can have our hair however we want, without having to manipulate our own.

2) There's No Commitment

Sometimes we want to dye our hair purple, without having it be semi-permanent. Or sometimes we just want to rock a bob cut, without cutting off our long hair. We can have any style we want - temporarily.

3) It Allows Your Hair To Be Healthy

If done right, fake hair can actually be healthy for your own hair. You don't have to worry about hair dyes, dangerous chemicals, relaxers, or heat damage. Styles like braids can actually encourage hair growth and health.

4) It's Fun As Hell

Obviously. Some people wear fake hair for cosplay. Some people wear it for performances. Some people wear it because it's just a damn blast, just like dressing up is.

My hair is a little longer than shoulder length. And I love every strand that sprouts from my head.

But sometimes I want blonde hair down to my ass. And if I want that, I can have that....with the help of fake hair. ;)

@shannonl5 exactlyyyy!!!
Heck yes to #4! Nothing wrong with having fun :D
hahahahaaaaa @gabbycalzada
@alywoah nooo!!! I like my hair!!! I was messing around!!!!!
@gabbycalzada ill take it! lol
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