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Yoga, strenuous workouts, focused gaming-- all of these have benefits for your mind an not just your body. They involve being totally involved in one act, which leads to not only happiness, but it also leads to a more focused mind!!
A lot of people thing multitasking is the way to be! It's great because you are more efficient, etc. Well, turns out being totally involved in one thing at a time is the way to go. Mindfulness , or "the quality or state of being conscious or aware of something" is the best way to be. Clearing out all the other clutter in your mind and totally diving into action. It makes you even MORE efficient. And happy.
So how does this help with relationships? Well, I've been doing focused meditations for a while now, and here's how it's helped me.

I actually listen

Some people think they know what listening is. But do they really?? Now I am totally involved in the conversation with friends and family I'm not focused on what to say next, what to do next, I'm only worried about listening to what the other person has to say.

I actually remember

If you are totally involved in listening it's pretty easy to realize how much you can remember. I used to be SO BAD at remembering dates or special events. But if I'm totally involved in the moment, not looking at my phone and just's pretty crazy how much I realized I remember later on. I even surprised my friends by remembering key details about what they like!

Touch feels even better

Imagine a giant hug where you feel EVERYTHING. You feel the way their arms wrap around you, the warmth of their body, maybe you even feel their heart beat and smell their hair. Those are the best freaking hugs. Because you are so involved in just that act. So applying that to relationships, well you can probably bet sexy times are just that more involved and awesome. ;)

Do you practice mindfulness??