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A couple of days ago, I wrote about a rumor that Sony was working on an upgraded PS4 that Kotaku called PS4.5. With the little amount of news surrounding this thing, I was worried that all of us with PS4s would have to pick up a new one. And after reading a bit of this article I found on eurogamer, I don't think that'll be the case.
They confirm that Sony is definitely working on an upgraded PS4 that is capable of playing 4K visuals (that they're calling PlayStation 4K) but they really speculate as to why Sony is making an upgraded system. They list 3 options (I took screenshots of their speculations and you can check them out below) but to be completely honest with you, I don't really understand all the tech jargon they use in 2 of the 3 options.
Seriously, I know they're talking about tech hardware in this paragraph. But I have no clue as to what it means. Even when I read the full segment, it still made my head spin. I honestly hope this option isn't what's close to reality because I don't really feel like shelling out more money for a new PlayStation.
Option 2 looks like it's the option I'd be the least happy with. If the quality of games/software for the existing PS4 drops because they focus on the PS4K, I'd be pretty upset. Or as @JayAndre said in a comment on the last card I wrote about this update: "If I have to get this to play kingdom hearts three I'mma be hella pissed".
I'll be pissed too, buddy.
Now this option seems like the most likely to happen. Only because the history of Sony and what they do with their consoles stand as a precedent. Ever since the PS1, they've been releasing slimmer, and sometimes better, versions of their consoles. I currently own a Slim PS2 and that thing still runs like an old car I learned how to repair. It was only a matter of time for PS4 to get its own Slim version and it might just be this PS4K they're working on. But again, we can't be too sure.
If you're interested in reading the whole article, you can do so here. But what do you guys think? Do any of the options look appealing to you? I'd love to see what a PS4 Slim would look like and if it has 4K capabilities, it might be more appealing to the consumer who has yet to pick up a PS4.
@poojas lucky you! haha hopefully whenever this one comes out it'll be the one you go with
@TurtleyTurtles I hope is just a slim also. and I'm hoping it doesn't mean I have to get a whole new system either
Somewhat glad I don't already have one because this would have made it more difficult.
I really hope it's just a slim version of the PS4, like all of the PlayStations have had. If they make a "new" PS4, and expect their fans to shell out even more money, they're about to deal with some pissed off fans. I haven't gotten a PS4 yet, but I sure hope that I don't have to get this "new" one to play FF15.