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It was my first time in Frankfurt, but not was my first time in Germany. I had came to another part of German 1 year before this time. I did have a good time back then, that was why i decided to come back to German again this time as 1 week stop before I head to Spain for 6 months. "What do you like about Frankfurt?" - I asked many travelers and the locals. "Money and Boring"- They all ended up having the same answer. "What make you said that?" - I asked. "Frankfurt is the home of central bank of EU, most people come here to work, and after that come to their home probably 1 hour away from Frankfurt. Don't you see everybody in here mostly are businessmen in suit? If you want to have fun, go to Berlin. Frankfurt and Berlin is the completely different in its own characteristic" After that answer, I did realized people in Frankfurt are really busy, they are all in suit just like those traveler told me. I did not keep any journal during my traveling, that was the stupid thing I have ever done. What I have left from my travel are the photographs, the museum tickets, the train ticket, and so on. The blurry images of Frankfurt in my mind that I could recall is men in suit, women in suit, the prostitute house t next to the bank (This one is a hilarious thing in Frankfurt to me), the sausage, the beer, the coffee, a lot of Asian restaurants. Have you ever traveled to Frankfurt? What is your memory about this city?
@Tapsamai my father went to Frankfurt for work and yeah he was wearing a suit lol
@ouahoo and what were your parents do in there in Frankfurt ??
hahah that is a good question ! But i am pretty sure that you do not want to see the prostitutes in suit ;) . You prefer them less clothes as possible.
@Tapsamai, hello there! I'll ask my father he was there 2weeks ago! A question, was the prostitutes in suits too? :p lol