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You fall asleep on the couch, again. You don’t know why he let you have a bedroom when you obviously prefer the couch. This time you wake up all alone, a blanket thrown over you sometime in the night. You get ready for work and are surprised to walk into the kitchen and find Junsu sitting with a cup of coffee.
“Good morning,” you say, trying to sound cheery and rested.
“Mm,” is the only response you receive. You take a closer look; he has no make-up on yet this morning. You can see the dark circles under his eyes. You wonder if he just got in and if he slept at all.
“Did you get your business straightened out?”
He looks up at you questioningly, “What do you know about it?”
You worry that you misspoke, “I asked Joon-woo and he mentioned a problem with your tour. If I’ve overstepped, I’m sorry.”
He sighs and puts his coffee down, “I have to make regrets. I hate regrets, my fans deserve better.” You simply nod as he puts his cup in the sink and leaves the room. As you are gathering your items, he passes by the door and stops; “Have a good day.”
Everyone has bad days; how many have you had lately and he has been there for you. You aren’t sure what you can do or if he’ll even let you do anything for him in return. You decide that all you can do is tell him that you support him.
You: I hope you have a better day. Let me know if there is anything I can do for you.
After a half an hour and no response, you put your phone back away so that it stops staring you in the face. He’s busy, his phone could dead; he could be in the shower for all you know. You aren’t going to worry about it, you have work to do. An hour later your phone goes off.
Junsu: The flowers are from me.
Flowers? What flowers? Why would he send you flowers when he knows that was the stalkers form of communication? Something doesn’t feel right. You double check to make sure that the text is really from him and you didn’t misread it.
A few moments later, one of the outer secretaries brings in a large vase of white and red roses. Her smile is from ear to ear, “Feeding you is one thing, but I’m a flower girl myself.” She sets them on the desk and hands you the card, “They smell divine. Hold onto this guy dearie.” You open the card, look back up at the flowers, and back down again. It doesn’t make any sense. The English words on the card and the flowers don't go together. Or do they? You're confused. You put it aside and decide to come back to it later.
An hour later, you receive another text.
Junsu: Did you get the flowers?
You: These are really from you?
Junsu: Yes. I ordered them myself.
You stare at down at your phone. You: And you meant what the card says?
Junsu: Every word.
You take a deep breath, this can’t be happening.
You: They're beautiful, thank you.
Junsu: I was worried you did not receive. You understood my card?
You: Perfectly.
Junsu: That’s good. I leave early morning.
You put your phone to the side and reach for your purse. You pull out a different note that you are now glad you saved. You dial the phone and put it to your ear.
The conversation takes a lot less time than you think. After you hang up, you immediately send a text to Joon-woo.
You: I have to work late tonight, do not come get me.
Joon-woo: Work from here like always.
You: No. It has to be done here.
Joon-woo: What’s wrong squirt? You’re a consultant your work can be done anywhere. I’ll be there in ten minutes.
You: No. I will be working here; there are things I need to finish.
Joon-woo: One of us will be there to stay with you than.
You: Not necessary. There is a security guard downstairs, locks, and alarms. I will text when I am ready to come back.
Joon-woo: We have orders to guard you; we can’t do that from here.
You: I told you I’m fine. Protect your boss; that's your job.
Joon-woo: What happened? I’m sure the boss will want you here before he leaves. I’m coming to get you.
You: Don’t make assumptions. You can’t protect someone who doesn’t want to be, you’re fired.
You phone continues to buzz but you ignore it and focus back on your work. If they show up, the security guard has to call up before he sends them; you aren’t worried.
Your eyes begin to cross around 11:30 pm. You check your phone; 10 missed calls, 15 missed texts. All from a very angry Joon-woo claiming that you can’t fire him. You simply delete them; they don’t apply to you anymore.
During the past week you’ve been bringing a different set of clothes in your bag each day. Your bottom desk drawer has almost everything you brought to Korea with you. You will change in the morning and go purchase a new suitcase at lunch.
Your phone buzzes again; it’s the email you’ve been waiting for. It has details for your flight; and who will be waiting for you when you land. You put your phone in your pocket and walk to the employee lounge. There’s a long, though not very comfortable looking couch. You simply shrug, sleeping on couches has become your thing. You pull your jacket off and drape it over you.
You close your eyes but just before you drift off your phone buzzes again. Thinking some detail of your travel was missed, you open it to find a text.
Seon-Ki: Working late and by yourself? Tsk. Tsk.
You: Why are you doing this?
Seon-Ki: I saw you first.
You: You saw me?! Didn’t speak to me or approach me but just saw me? Seriously? Get a life.
Seon-Ki: I was wrong about you. You are nothing but disrespectful and a whore.
[You’ve had it today. If he wants a fight, let him come and get it. Your heart is broken, and your brain is just done with everything. ]
You: You, a stalking maniac have the right to judge me? Fix yourself first.
You throw your phone down on the coffee table, this needs to end. Everything needs to just end. Your phone buzzes again:
Seon-Ki: You first.
An attachment opens with a picture of you moments before; resting on the break room couch.
Omg omg omg!!
SCORE! *fist pump*
My heart seriously stopped at the end.....made me get up and check that I'm not being watched in my room......
why you gotta do this to me? what did the note say? argh