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Nakama Campfire Challenge/Giveaway!

Hey Vingle Nakama!!

I'm glad to be able to announce that I will be staying on as Moderator of the Anime Community here on Vingle for Q2 2016! I'm honored to be given the right to keep making this community the best place on the internet for anime fans.
Something I really love about our community is the way we share the stuff we fan over the hardest. Every anime fan from casual watcher to die-hard otaku has something they love to talk about when it comes down to it.
So I'm glad to announce this new daily challenge, all about sharing what we love the most in anime. What are we calling it?

The Nakama Campfire!

Nothing brings about the idea of sharing stories more than sitting around a campfire. Toasting s'mores and telling tales, it's the ideal image of bonding between Nakama.

As part of this Nakama Campfire, we're also doing a giveaway!

Yes, you read that correctly! We're kicking off Q2 with a bang! There will be two prizes in this giveaway, so there are two chances to win! The prizes are between a Studio Ghibli Collection and a Portgas D. Ace figure!

The rules for being eligible for this giveaway are simple!

1.) Create a card for all 15 daily prompts in the Nakama Campfire Challenge!
2.) Every card must have a title that includes {NC} so we know it's for the prompt!
3.) Each card must have at least one image!

Here's the first 7 of the Daily Card Challenges!

(This was you can plan a little ahead, but we'll still have surprises later!)
Today! 1.) What anime character are you most like?
2.) What Japanese anime came out the year you were born?
3.) What anime character do you think is most fashionable?
4.) What's an older anime that you love? (preferably pre-2000s!)
5.) Crossover with Waifu Wednesday - Non-Human Edition!
6.) Anime Cliches that You Hate
7.) Anime Cliches That You Love

Today's question is this: What Anime Character is Most Like You?

@AnimeLove300 Nope!! You can do them any day, just so you do all 15 prompts before it ends :)
@PokemonMasta check mine out this is great to get to know people 😊
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I have exciting news!
Hi guys it’s been a while! So a while back (I can’t remember what date it was) but I made a card about asking you guys some feedback in the anime community of what you guys would love to see or see come back on Vingle and here’s what I have decided of what I have thought of bringing back 1.) Who’s that Pokémon As you guys already know, I’m the mod for the Pokémon community and I have been doing these cards since like 2016/2017 and after a while of not doing them due to school and trying to find a job I thought it was time to bring it back 2.) MCM AND WCW! Ok, by far this is one of the cards I’ve missed seeing is much and would actually love to see it come back 3.) anime TV Updates and Reviews This one I’m excited for, I would love to start letting you guys know updates on new anime series that are coming out and if interested would watch and review the anime for you guys (AND ILL BE DOING THAT FOR FRUITS BASKET) I will be designing my own theme and banners for each card I will present to you all...... I however cannot start these as soon as possible, because I am moving out of my parents house soon and I’m currently in the process of packing my stuff up to move out, so I would say in the middle of April or end of April is when I can start making cards again Hope to see you all soon! Anime Obsession Tag Crew! Please let me know if you’d like to be added or removed. Thanks {A} - @AimeBolanos @AnbuRose @AnimeFreak484 @AnimeLove300 @animerg13 @antwonbro12 @AustinThurston @assasingod {B} - {C} - {D} - @DragonShaow @DripDrop {E} - @EmilyPeacock {F} - {G} - {H} - {I}- {J} - {K} - @KingHamura {L} - {M} - @MorganAlys {N} - {O} - {P} - {Q} - {R} - @RazChaosRender {S} - @SimplyAwkward {T} - {U}- {V} - {X} - {Y} - {Z} -