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I'm saving for Japan !

I was thinking in buying my dream car "Chevy Camero" but then I thought I want to travel the world like I use to and what better place to go to then Japan ! It'll be a year before I can go but ... I currently have $540 saved up from one week . It's my dream to go there and also enjoy the second image which is Bobby hill dressed as sasuke if you want the link to the video where I got the pic I can do that to lol (: ( SHARE YOUR DREAM WITH ME )
@Ticasensei Definitely February! I feel like Jan can be cheap too but new years can cause prices to go up so after that heheh.
my dream car is a camroe coup 1967 and traveling to japan one of these days
nice, have fun in japan. maybe ill see you there
@IvanDiaz well dream car, pretty simple really, a Jeep Wrangler. but the license needs to come first... and I'm trying to live somewhere here in Cali, but where I'm at is just too much for me.
Hope you make enough to go
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