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I was thinking in buying my dream car "Chevy Camero" but then I thought I want to travel the world like I use to and what better place to go to then Japan ! It'll be a year before I can go but ... I currently have $540 saved up from one week . It's my dream to go there and also enjoy the second image which is Bobby hill dressed as sasuke if you want the link to the video where I got the pic I can do that to lol (: ( SHARE YOUR DREAM WITH ME )
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@Ticasensei Definitely February! I feel like Jan can be cheap too but new years can cause prices to go up so after that heheh.
and @IvanDiaz I actually didn't know any Japanese when I went there!! I was with friends who knew a lot so that helped at restaurants for sure, but me and my friend who spoke very little japanese at the time made it around just fine & such!!! I actually speak Korean though so I was able to use a Japanese -> Korean translating app that works really well hahaha. Japanese -> english isn't always as easy :(
@hikaymm What part of Japan did you go to ? I'm trying to figure out the best area to visit
I can fit in suit cases just putting that out there if you want a buddy XD
@Gracielou0717 I guess my suit case can fit my vingle friends (: