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Hi everyone! I miss writing for fun, so here is a short imagine :D
BTW I pretty much have no idea what i'm going for so I hope it comes out well > <
"Could you pass me the vanilla extract please?" You had tried to reach around and get it from the top shelf, but you were too short. Thankfully your boyfriend was tall and got it down for you.
"Why do you always put it up where you can't reach it?" Kookie said chuckling. He found your funny way of thinking cute.
"Ah I really don't know, but that's what I have you for!" You said smiling up at him.
"OH so that's why you keep me around, and here I though you liked ME not just my height." He pouted and you laughed. Sneakily you got some of the sweet batter you were mixing and swiped some on his nose.
"YAH what are you doing!" He tried to wipe it off but ended up smearing it all over his nose and cheek. At this point you couldn't help but hold your stomach from laughter as you saw him struggle to find the napkins. Finally able to get some of the sticky batter off he took the bowl it was in and slowly approached you. Looking up your eyes get wide.
"WAIT! No! I know what you're thinking but didn't mean to do that! It was an accident!" you hold your hands up and back away into the counter. "We're supposed to make cupcakes remember? The guys are coming over later!"
"Well I guess they'll have to eat something else then..." He puts the batter on the counter and positions his hands on either side of you, blocking your attempts at running away. He leans down and looks into your eyes. "My face is sticky and it smells like vanilla. Now how about you say sorry, hm?"
Knowing this would lead to a batter war, you slowly move your hand up the counter and get more of the sticky mix ready in your hand. As if you were going to apologize! "Fine I'll say it, sheesh. I'm...." Taking what you had in your hand you reach up and smack a glob of it right on his perfectly styled hair.
Shocked his hands go up to his hair and you see the chance to run away into the living room. You throw your self behind the couch and hide trying to contain your laughter. The face he had made was priceless!
"I'M COMING FOR YOU, THIS IS WAR!!!" Kookie was more than happy to see that you had forgotten to take the batter with you. Walking into the living room he slowly let his eyes roam around, trying to find you. "Thanks for leaving behind the batter, now I can have a nice revenge."
CRAP you had forgotten to bring it with you! You stopped breathing as you heard his footsteps coming closer to the couch...
"AH HA!!" You heard his yell but he was looking behind the wrong place. You peek from the couch and see that he was leaning over the recliner in the corner. Tip toeing you make your way over and jump on his back. "WHAT--" He straightens up and momentarily struggles to find his balance.
"TRY GETTING REVENGE NOW!!" You say. Kookie reaches around with his hand and smears some batter into you. Now your hair, cheek and ear are covered in blobs of vanilla scented batter. ".....I should have seen that coming," you say. As you let yourself slide down from his back he turns around. The bowl with batter lands on the floor as he lays down on the carpet and shakes with laughter. Seeing him like that you take the giant globs of batter and smear them on his face, hair and neck. He tries to stop you but is still laughing too hard to put any actual resistance.
The door to your apartment opens and the guys walk in. They are shocked at first from the scene in front of them until Suga and Jin start to howl with laughter. You were straddling Kookie and he was covered in batter, you could hardly see his face at this point. Jimin, J-Hope decided to join you and were smearing some more all over Kookie. V was taking hair bands and making ponytails with Kookie's sticky hair. While Rap Monster was taking pictures of the whole scene, shaking with laughter.
WELP I hope this came out good, I tried!! > <
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@Ercurrent I agree it was the BEST!!!!
Can I be tagged
That was very cute
That was fun:) I liked it!
That was cute and fun!!
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