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I understand you'd rather not text due to *insert various reasons, but set those aside lol What are your rules regarding texting? For me, if I know I'm busier than you and/or if I don't have your schedule, I probably won't text you first. I wouldn't want to start a conversation that I, or you, couldn't dedicate to or consistently keep. Because I like texting. And I think being able to communicate in more ways than one shows intelligence of ones self. Additionally, I never feel like you're bothering me. Ever. But, I never know when to text someone or when not to lol I'd think it'd be any time you want to, but since that doesn't happen, it's obviously not how the whole thing is supposed to go down lol Sooo, help?
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ugh. this bugs me. I text someone when I want to. that's it. no rules included.
@alywoah I suppose a friend/ someone new mostly because don't really change how I talk to you whether we're dating or not haha I suppose the content is going to be different. Like,"Hey, come over ;p And bring your pirate costume too, you sexy vixen 😏" would never be sent to a friend, unless it was a fwb haha And then what are your thoughts on being interested with someone? Like, the whole "just got your number after flirting for a bit." Because there's a whole different dynamic to that as well. And I don't really date around, so I don't really have too much experience. But, I do know that if we're together, you'll be receiving random texts from me all day and night lol
@nicolejb See? I like that. It should be that simple! Hell, it IS that simple haha But I've never found somebody who does. The Whole Dating And personal stuff is made so complicated for some reason -.-
I think it's better as your get older? *think* I've run into more people now than before who are less-BS and more upfront about everything. @Arellano1052
Yeah, I agree with @nicolejb it gets a little better as you get older (but you'll still run into the occasional idiot). I don't play games with texting, but I also have priorities, you know? I text whenever I want, and I'll respond quickly -- but if i am with my family or I am super busy at work, it might take me a couple of hours to get back to the person.