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Batman V. Superman: The Dawn of Justice comes out this Friday and, unfortunately, I've only been hearing negative things about it. And you know, I could just go on about how it'll probably be bad or whatever but instead, I want to talk about the Batman movie we deserve. And that's The LEGO Batman Movie.
Yes. I'm serious. We deserve some over the top action from LEGO guys. We deserve seeing the Justice League come together in one movie instead of waiting for DC to get their cinematic universe together. We deserve Will Arnett as Batman because, in my honest opinion, he's the best Batman we've had in a long time.
I mean, check out this trailer. We all know Batman loves beatboxing and eating lobster that he microwaved after fighting crime. But who's going to show us this side of Batman? Not Ben Affleck and certainly not Christian Bale. Only Will Arnett is capable of showing us the true Batman/Bruce Wayne.
And even though this teaser is extremely short. We still get to see the Justice League formed. We get to see Batman eating lobster in the Batcave. We get all of these great things, that I'm sure, a lot of you will take for granted. But never forget, Will Arnett is the Batman we never knew we needed and the one we deserve.
The LEGO Batman Movie will be in theaters sometime in 2017.
@KpopQueenaBee yeah me too, I'm so glad he's getting his own movie!!
I'm so excited. I love legos and I love Lego batman..